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What puts a web page at the top of the major search engines? If it were a cut-and-dried formula like a $29.95 software package, this would be all anyone would need. But alas, 'tis not so! One technique, proven time and again, is known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO?

A fast page is better than a slow page. Fast means using the fewest images wherever applicable, and only optimized .gif and .jpg. Fast means using HTML colors and DHTML styles instead of Graphics or Images wherever possible. Fast means using the cleanest HTML or PHP/ASP coding possible, with the quickest/fewest Database Accesses to get the job done.

Keyword-Intensive Body Copy is better than rambling, meaningless prose. Every word should have a meaning - terseness counts for brownie points. Within the bounds of decent grammar or semantics, use the choice keywords to match the metatags for your selected search terms and demographics.

Metatags are one of the mechanisms whereby your site is indexed by internet 'robots' - programs that scan web pages looking for, among other things, Meta Tags. In the Title and Description Meta Tags, we recommend only the minimum needed to market to your demographic.

SEO Agency offers

  • Initial ranking report
  • Personalized web site review and optimization
  • Custom keyword research and analysis
  • Targeted Title tags
  • Relevant Description Tags
  • Hand submission to search engines and directories
  • Email and phone assistance
  • Detailed monthly position reports
  • Linking strategies
  • Blog creation
  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter integration
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Site Maintenance

And much more ...

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